Truth is…why do we think if our size is a 12 that we are abnormal…fat…unacceptable?  Why is it that if you are 12 years old or 60 years old society says you should be a size 2?  Healthy has very little to do with the size of your clothes.  Our bodies are as individual as our fingerprints so its time to be more concerned with a healthy lifestyle and less about the number or letter on the tag on your clothes.

With proper nutrition and exercise your body will become the healthy size it should be.  I found this calculator on WebMD it is quite helpful in understanding your goals.

Often we are our own worst enemy.  The stresses of life are often increased by work, family and unrealistic expectations that we are supposed to be a size 2.  Many factors go into having an unhealthy body, including lack of emotional support.  But you can do this, you can be healthy…I believe in  you.  Stop worrying about your size…start with baby steps to change your health!

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