We all know that too much stress is not good for our bodies, our mind’s…our quality of life.  But do you know why?  Do you know how to calm unavoidable stress? Do you know the connection of stress and PH?

There are endless ways that stress can affect us; some stress can be a positive thing.  However, too much negative stress can cause your cortisol to increase and even become depleted.    PH levels in your body can be affected bringing your body to acidic levels.  Proper PH is 7.0, anything below that is considered acidic…a higher number indicates alkaline.  When your body is too acidic it can become sick, exhausted more prone to diseases.  So managing your stress levels is very important, managing your PH level is equally important.

Nutrition, exercise and meditation is the key!  MustardSeed Retreats can show you how, sign up today and start living a healthier lifestyle today.