My Professional Experience…  

I have always had the desire to help and encourage people which set me on a path in the wellness industry.  As a Neuromuscular Therapist, LMT, Tai Chi Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Raw Food Chef my wellness journey began.  I opened a wellness center in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2001. My love of the islands took me to the British West Indies in 2005 working in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman; In 2008 I moved to the Netherland Antilles, working in St Maarten creating programs for upscale resorts. In 2011, I was hired stateside to create a one-of-a-kind wellness retreat in Alabama. All of these experiences have led me to create a very personalized destination retreat program, MustardSeed Retreats etc.

 Over 15 years of spa, retreat and wellness experience coupled with a background as a design consultant enable me to create the perfect personalized spa, retreat or wellness business for your company.

Consultation Services

–          Development and design of new spas retreats and wellness centers

–          Redesign of existing spas retreats and wellness centers

–          Restructuring of spas retreats and wellness centers

–          Development and design of wellness centers spas and retreat pools, gardens, fitness areas.

–          Assist with hiring, training and supervising staff

–          Creating protocol and menus


Interim Spa Retreat and Wellness Center Director and Management Services

The objective is to provide management with enough time to seek, hire and train a suitable candidate while moving forward with operations.  Interim Spa Operations Directors fill the operational gap bridging a management  transition, keeps business flowing, keeps staff moral up and removes an undue amount of pressure to quickly fill the position.