The Why….

In my lifetime, I have been through many challenges. Many of these challenges I have been told that I should not have survived or overcome. I simply tell people God is just not done with me yet. I will be happy to share these stories with you on your retreat. I think God let me venture through these things so that I could be an encouragement to others and I am good with that.


My Professional Experience…

 I have always had the desire to help and encourage people which set me on a path in the wellness industry.  As a Neuromuscular Therapist, LMT, Tai Chi Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Raw Food Chef my wellness journey began.  I opened a wellness center in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2001. My love of the islands took me to the British West Indies in 2005 working in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman; In 2008 I moved to the Netherland Antilles, working in St Maarten creating programs for upscale resorts. In 2011, I was hired stateside to create a one-of-a-kind wellness retreat in Alabama. All of these experiences have led me to create a very personalized destination retreat program, MustardSeed Retreats etc.

You will enjoy learning easy ways to become healthier and happier through healthy cuisine, physical activities and life changing down to earth information. Each retreat is small in size for that personal touch and attention to details to make your journey successful!

“Wellness is a journey that makes you happy from the inside out!” Sign up now and begin your journey!